observations, using structured water


structured water I keep in the fridge

I started using structured water, as my video shows, right out of the box; this was on January 3, 2014.

The first thing I noticed:  I had to kind of sit back and take it easy.  It’s hard to describe and hard to remember now, why; when I took my first few drinks of structured water, it was like my body said to me “you know what?  Just sit down.  Relax.  Breathe a little bit.  Take some time to yourself.  You deserve it.”  So I did.

I remember feeling like I just didn’t want to do much for the first day or two.  I have a “dynamically enhanced” model of the whole-house unit.

Since then, drinking the structured water, I feel totally energized. Right now?  Midnight.  I’ve been up since 7 or 8 this morning and I feel like I could probably stay up until 7 or 8 tomorrow morning and not go to bed.  I’ve been busy and active and productive and creative all day long, making a loaf of bread with mostly seeds, something I wanted to try out…starting this blog…doing some research at the Natural Action Technologies website…creating a video, the first video ever on my Mac…doing laundry…walking my dog…keeping the fire going in my wood stove…

People talk about the water tasting smooth.  Yes.  Hard to describe how water *doesn’t* taste smooth, when you start drinking water that tastes smooth.  It’s like…silk.  Drinking liquid silk.

Coffee made with structured water is also awesome.  I’ve been drinking only Kona coffee for the past two years now, buying fresh-roasted coffee from a place in Omaha where they import the green beans and roast them there, so the Kona coffee I drink is really fresh…and heavenly to start with…but made with structured water?  Man.  I can taste the difference.  The water tastes rounder, smoother.  Softer.  Not softer as in “it’s been through a water softener”…but…softer.

After the phone call on Wednesday night, listening to other people talk about their experiences with their structured water units, I realized:  I hadn’t taken a bath with this yet!  I did the next morning.  Amazing.  Exactly like the person commented:  it’s like immersing yourself in sacred waters.  It really is.  A bath is an experience.

It felt like I’d put some sort of *something* in the water, some baking soda, or epsom salts, or sea salt, or *something* in there…nope!  Just plain water, just the structured water coming out of my tap.  That was it.  It was an Experience.  Bathing is now an Experience.  Usually I take showers, and while those are nice, now I know that when I really need some serious down time, taking a bath in my structured water will be an Experience, almost a meditation.  This one experience has made me consider buying and installing (where would it go??!!) a hot tub.  I’ve never really wanted or needed a hot tub before; now, with this kind of water, I think that’s something I would really enjoy.

One thing that’s recommended to be done when you have the whole house unit installed is to drain your water heater.  I have not done that since the plumber did it for me as part of the installation on January 8.  I have the dynamically enhanced unit; haven’t thought there was a need to do that yet since the 8th.

I just now checked my bathroom sink faucet, and although I still have quite a bit of lime buildup around the edge of the faucet, there’s no big hard chunks to speak of in the aerator.  I will eventually drain the hot water heater, but right now it doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Why did I buy this?  I live in a small town in Nebraska; we have hard water here.  I learned the other day that the city only puts chlorine in the water; no other chemicals; although I am surrounded by farm fields and a cattle “factory farm” where they raise a lot of cows in a very small space.  I do not know what other chemicals wind up in the water I drink.  What’s been a normal experience for me for the past 10 years I’ve lived here is to have lime deposits and rust show up on my shower walls, bathtub floor, shower curtain, toilet water flow areas, sink faucets, wherever there’s water going.  I own rust remover bottles of harsh chemicals.  The tea kettle on my kitchen stove is not pretty inside.  One thing I’m hoping to have, as a result of installing the structured water device, is “softer” water.  I would have been pretty happy with just that.

I was kind of expecting, from the first time I used the structured water, to see lime deposits fall away inside my tea kettle…to see rust disappear in my bathtub…to see the inside of the pot that I’ve pretty well ruined over the past eight years, boiling water in it so my water was fit to drink and fit to put in my coffeemaker, to see the thick deposits inside there that feel like fur, just dissolve away…just automatically, like that.  No, that has not happened.

But the water is softer.  That, I can tell.  So I’d say right now I’ve got what I wanted, what I paid for.  I wouldn’t consider returning it.

I have decided to use structured water at my office.  I have an office where I hold meetings for native families, including their family members, social workers, attorneys, and other coordinators and therapists of various types; since I opened my office in 2008 I’ve provided bottled water and bottled soda and keep it in a small refrigerator next to the conference room door, where it’s easily accessible to all who attend the meetings.  I buy what’s on sale at Target.  For years people have asked me if I recycle.  No, I do not.

Now, for the first time, I decided to do the environmentally friendly thing and stop buying Target water:  I bought glass mugs with handles and “canning jar” tops, and red enamel metal lids, and I will be bringing water from home to the office in these glass jars, taking them home for washing and re-filling, and will stop buying plastic bottles.

I’m going to be interested to see how this works for my meetings.  Will people suddenly be calmer in the presence of structured water?  How will this affect the sometimes volatile emotions of the meetings I hold?

Or will the water, presently in lidded jars in the refrigerator at my office, be able to “hold its charge” in the presence of people and their volatile emotions?  Will the water change according to how the people are at the meetings?  Clayton talked a little about that during the January 22 phone call.

I may eventually phase out providing sodas altogether.  We’ll see how the just-plain-water goes over with people attending the meetings.


On December 29 I woke up…waking up slowly from a sound sleep…and realized my body wanted water.  My body was asking for water.  Well, I don’t like water.  Don’t like drinking it, don’t like the taste of it, don’t like the experience of water.  But, oh, okay, water.  My body wants water.  I’ll see what I can do about that to be a better drinker of water.

I just went about my ordinary business that day…

…and just in the normal course of what I’m interested in, found myself listening to a YouTube video with Andrew Bartzis and Hopegirl.  I “happened to” find it the night they posted it, December 29.

Toward the end Andrew mentioned structured water and how effective it really is.  I think what he says on the video is that there is a doctor who can heal anything with structured water.  That’s a bold statement!  It got me curious:  what is structured water?  Answering that question set me on the path of finding one answer after another until I ordered and received the unit.