my experience using Ibuprofen with structured water & my migraine history

I get headaches, migraine headaches.

Long story short:  I don’t take any medication.  A few weeks ago a headache came on, and I allowed it to kind of grow into an overall head-pain, shoulder-pain dull uncomfortableness so that when I turned my head too fast or got up too fast, my head really hurt.  Time to pull out the Ibuprofen and take two…with my glass of structured water.

Typically, before structured water, it would take an hour or two or three for the headache to be addressed, and 24-36 hours for it to completely subside.  I would have to take several Ibuprofen several times during 24-36 hours to blast away at the pain gradually, and eventually, eventually, the headache would be gone.  Getting a headache for me is an event that just takes time to get over.

This is the first medication I’ve had to take since installing the structured water unit in January 2014.

What happened:  I took my usual two Ibuprofen (sometimes I start with three if the pain is really bad; this time I thought I’d see and just start with two) and swallowed a glass of structured water.  Within five minutes the pain was GONE.  Completely GONE.  And stayed gone.  I didn’t have to take any more Ibuprofen for the next 24-36 hours and the pain didn’t “kinda-sorta” go away and then come back and then eventually slowly drain away — no, none of that.  The pain was GONE, end of story.

IMG_3034UPDATE!  I was on Clayton’s call on Wednesday, April 23 and told this story.  Clayton suggested spraying structured water on my headache with my spray bottle.  Did I use my spray bottle?  No, I did not…  He suggested that from now on, if there’s a headache, spray the area on your head where it hurts…stomach ache, spray your stomach…eye pain, glaucoma, spray your (closed) eyelids…

The potentials are limitless!!


Long story long:

My history with migraines started when I got pregnant for the first time in 1978.  I was teaching high school English and would bring home a big stack of papers to grade; I’d sit down to start looking at the papers and my field of vision would cloud up with these fuzzy twinkling buzzing brightly colored moving lights that would within minutes cover my entire field of vision and I couldn’t see anything in front of me unless I’d blink and refocus.  I could see “around” them for that second — but they were still there.  I’d have to lie down for several hours until the light show passed, eating up all of my paper-grading time, and I’d have to get on with life.  This was not good.  I was getting behind on grading papers.  Eventually I went to see an eye doctor who said “are you pregnant?”  “Yeah!  Five months.”  “Oh, I can’t do anything for you.  Come back after you’ve had the baby.”  End of story for 1979.  I just coped with it the best I could.  Once I had the baby, the light show stopped and I was no longer grading papers; I stopped teaching high school English.

Fast forward to the third pregnancy.  My experience by then was, get pregnant, these weird eye-things would come and I’d just have to deal with them by lying down for an hour or two or three and then they’d go away.  Have the baby, no more problem.

Third pregnancy, and the baby came; I still had the weird eye-thing going on this time even after he was born.  At that time I still didn’t know what it was, just some weird eye thing.

By the time Baby #3 was a couple of years old I became a court reporter and had to take some continuing education hours involving learning medical terminology from a physician presenter, and learned about migraines and the flashing lights.  AHA!  All those years I never knew what it was.  I never had the headache that goes with it and thus didn’t know that they were actually migraine headaches.  All that time I’d been experiencing the migraine “aura” but never the physical pain that goes with the headaches.

Shortly after that I learned for myself about the debilitating effects of actual migraine headaches.  I took a job as an official court reporter working for a common pleas court judge in Dayton, Ohio, and on the way into the building there was the most amazing coffee cart lady who made the most amazing mochas.  I had one of her mochas just about every day.

And then when my menstrual cycle would start, for four days I was in total misery.  I could barely function.  I could go to work, and suffer throughout the day, and mostly be able to do what I had to do, but once I got home I’d be immobile, just sitting on my easy chair in total pain.  If I’d get up or move around, the head pain was unbearable.

Eventually I went to the doctor, who advised:  1) look at your diet triggers.  What are you drinking or eating that is making this worse?  I learned that I probably shouldn’t have mochas, because of the coffee, chocolate, and maybe even milk; they’re all migraine triggers.  2)  Stress.  Reduce the stress in your life.  Aha!   Studies showed at that time that court reporters had one of the all-time-highest most stressful jobs.  3)  Get off the birth control pill.  She gave me a prescription for migraine medication and told me that at the FIRST SIGN of one of those little twinkly-light episodes, to take two Midrin.  Midrin prevents the blood vessels in your brain from shutting down and making those twinkly lights.  You want to keep them open.  If you keep letting the twinkly light episodes happen, eventually those pathways will close down, and that means parts of your brain start dying off from lack of blood flow.  (Keep in mind here that I’m an English Major and not a doctor, and this is something she told me in 1993.  That’s what I remember to the best of my ability.)

Difficult as it all was, I took all of her advice.

The migraines started going away.

By the early 2000’s I went through some relationship changes, and no longer had health insurance.  I had to find another way to deal with migraines.  I found Emotional Freedom Technique.  What a godsend!  I found that at the first sign of one of those twinkly-light episodes coming on, the first second I saw a migraine aura beginning, if I would take the time to do the EFT tapping, either the migraine would not come at all, or if it would come it would last for only a few minutes.  And during that time I’d sit and do some more tapping and look at where I was experiencing stress, and reduce that.

I came to see migraines as a canary-in-the-coal-mine, as a friend of mine saying “hey, you’re stressing out about something here.  Take some time for yourself and slow down.  What’s the hurry?!  What are you overdoing?”

But I still kept my one last bottle of Midrin, “just in case,” in case one of those headaches came that I couldn’t budge with energy work.

Actually I haven’t had a migraine that bad since the 1990s.  I threw away my Midrin bottle two weeks ago.  I’d filled it in 1999.  It was probably time to let it go.  There were four capsules left.

Then I learned about breathing from Norma and Garrett.  Norma’s breathing goes beyond EFT for me.  Now, at the first sign of stress or one of those little buzzy lights showing up in my field of vision, I simply take a moment, take a breath or two, and usually in a second the light is gone.  If breathing doesn’t take care of it right away and the light is still there attempting to get buzzy and take over my vision again, I take off my glasses and do a round of EFT tapping.  That usually addresses it nicely, and addresses the pain that comes with it, if any pain shows up.

I haven’t needed anything as strong as Midrin for years.  I’ve graduated down to Ibuprofen.  If I get a little unbearable headache pain, by taking a few Ibuprofen over a few days’ time, instead of being flattened, literally, waiting three or 4 days for the headache to completely dissipate like it would have been in the ’90s, I can pretty well work through the “nuisance” pain and it doesn’t bother me all that much.

And I should also add that definitely what was going on for me in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s was hormone related.  Just in the past year I’ve stopped having menstrual cycles, so that’s another consideration in the big picture.

But the headache episode a few weeks ago — just a dull headache, it was getting in the way of me being in perfect joy and comfort, so I thought “let’s take a couple of Ibuprofen.”  Yeah…first medication I’ve thought about taking all year.  My medicine cabinet is pretty bare.

How startling it was, then, expecting that by taking two Ibuprofen and swallowing the glass of structured water…I’d have to wait 12, 24, 36 hours to really feel good again…and then in FIVE MINUTES the headache was totally gone and NEVER RETURNED, not even a little bit.

I should also say this:  over the past years I’ve eliminated a lot of toxins from my environment — physical toxins, mental toxins, emotional toxins, spiritual toxins.  I don’t use chemicals on my yard.  I eat organic produce, preferably.  I stopped going to fast food restaurants.  I grow my own veggies chemical-free in my own garden in the summer in Nebraska.  I love heating my house with wood, but do have a gas furnace that I *mostly* use during the heating season…but sometimes I’ll go for a day or two or three using only wood heat.  I mostly don’t use plastic to cook with, preferring ceramic, wood, stainless steel, or glass.  I have a gas stove, not electric, and a gas hot water heater.  Over Christmas & New Years 2013 I don’t know why…but started eliminating all store-bought body products from my kitchen and bathroom, and started making my own shampoo, deodorant, hand lotion, sensitive skin lotion, toothpaste, mouthwash, laundry detergent, dog shampoo…you name it…from natural products I’ve bought at the health food store — mainly coconut oil, shea butter, Dr. Bronner’s, and various essential oils.  It was like the Grande Finale to my making-my-own-stuff when I discovered the Natural Action Technologies structured water unit.  It was the piece that was missing in my life.

And really?  Next time this happens, if there is a next time, it seemed to me that taking just one Ibuprofen would be enough.  One Ibuprofen, one time, with my glass of structured water, and taking a few breaths, would be enough to clear any headache pain that may arise for me.