Structured Water and Wellness

I somewhat transcribed this portion of the excellent conversation about structured water, water research, wellness, and all kinds of water-related information, between Andrew Bartzis and Tech Zombie from New Earth Nation:

TechZ:  My mother just recently came down with shingles…

Andrew:  You need to get her a structured water machine; they’re called Wu-Weis. Have you ever heard of those?…it basically structures water into that programmable state like you were talking before; it uses magnets and porcelain; hold on one second; …and I’m going to link the thing here and then they can put it out there…this is for anyone suffering from shingles, viral outbreaks, viral meningitis, anything where the blood is affected by a virus, cancer treatments, people on cumadin, people recovering from different types of heart surgery because cumadin is just rat poison…okay, when you go and click on this link, and you see Wu Wei, and you explore down, to science, testimonials, there, when you go to products, you can buy this hand-held water structuring unit …if you scroll down, it’s $399, it’s portable, but you can do it 6, 7, or 8, or 10, or 12 times…and every single time you restructure the water more and more you’re putting more of your conscious energy in it…the science is all written there, the FAQ’s are all there…I advise anyone that is ill, that really wants to help someone out, is to learn about structured water…because the water structures in, our programs absorb into that structured water, and it dilutes the programs a little bit more and a little bit more and a little bit more until finally we can go through a release phase where we begin releasing this mass amounts of toxins, because there’s something acting as a vehicle to release all this excessivity of toxicity…you can do these so you can put them in your house too…you can get the pumps where it literally will structure it 15 times to get to you…the water is structured, it doesn’t get pure, because it has all the other stuff in it too…it’s charging it up, at a high frequency, is what it does…it excites it at the gluon level… 

(close to verbatim transcription)


Andrew:  Also for people having fertility issues…take excess amounts of time to put your consciousness into water…been on fertility drugs forever and they’re doing nothing but screwing you up…do a regular structured water ceremony…fill a bathtub up with it…you can redo your fertility story…take a very hot bath in all structured water…tell the story: “it’s my life”…pretend the room, the bathtub is their friend they haven’t seen for 30 years and they want to tell them their whole story…the water will take on the emotional structuring of some of the heavy baggage stuff and really break up the hardness that’s around them so they can get back into being able to bearing a child without doing the drugs…

(semi-verbatim transcription)

The entire video is here and is well worth a listen.

Andrew mentions that the structured water units involve porcelain and magnets.  The units are actually made of food-grade plastic, are embossed with the words Wu-Wei meaning “actionless action”, and inside the plastic sleeve there are a series of dimpled balls put together in a way that allows the water to travel in left-turning and right-turning vortices around the balls, echoing the way Mother Nature structures and purifies water on the planet.  In nature, water never runs through a straight line pipe system; it tumbles over rocks, spins through vortices, and never goes in a straight line.

Andrew also mentions that the house units involve a pump.  There is no pump.  I have three house units on my house; you can see one in the “unboxing” video, the first video I did, which you can find in the “video” category here on the website.  One whole house unit is equivalent in size and shape to two portable units end-to-end, and can be installed on the whole house water system, which will take advantage of the velocity of water traveling through the plumbing.  There is nothing to ever replace, refill, break, wear out, or leach out of the structured water units. There are no recurring fees of any sort.  The only thing to watch out for is to make sure they don’t freeze where they are installed.  How they work without a pump:  the water in the whole house system travels through the series of vortices inside the unit, and it’s the vortex action that structures the water.  That’s it.

I was very excited to hear Andrew talk about the consciousness in water and how he recommends people use it to clear things like fertility issues.  Structuring water means the water loses its memory, physically and energetically.  Living with structured water, bathing in it, drinking it, surrounding yourself with it, eating garden produce grown with structured water, your life begins to gradually change as you yourself let go of programming and old beliefs that belong to someone else from a different time…you become truly who you are, and anything in your environment that is not good for life becomes neutralized, while anything that is good for life becomes enhanced.