Structured Water Can Teach Your Squirrels English.

Okay, I’m so not being serious here. That was a joke. But hey…this morning I went out to fill the bird feeders and came face to face with the squirrel in the picture, waiting rather impatiently for me to fill the feeder so he could go up INSIDE THE SQUIRREL BAFFLE which is SUPPOSED to keep him OUT of the bird feeder, and have his breakfast.

NO, I told him! Or her. Go get the corn that I put there for you. That’s YOUR food. Leave the bird seed for the birds!!!! The squirrel looked at me, and after three or four little discussions, it scampered on over to the fresh dry corncob I’d just put there.

But then…*sigh*…came back soon and emptied the bird seed all over the ground.

I remember Clayton talking about having structured water in your yard, which I do, that this will begin to change your interactions with the critters around you. I have never gotten this close to a squirrel to be able to take closeup pictures like this, ever before. And this is actually where I’d placed the sprinkler for a few days, right in this area on the ground.

Maybe structured water doesn’t exactly teach your squirrels English, but I’m sure it does enhance our abilities to communicate energetically with nature.

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