It’s the vortexing!

I write on a message board, and some of the folks there are experimenting with making their own portable structured water unit in their own way, using, for example, marbles and a recycled plastic water bottle.  The whole idea is that it’s the vortexing that does it.  I’m personally grateful for Clayton sharing the knowledge with us about vortexing, and making devices that we can carry around easily, portably, attach them to our homes safely, put them to use in our businesses…

But yeah, it’s the vortexing.

Here’s a recent comment from someone who has a homemade portable unit:

I have a little anecdote – I spent about 30 minutes yesterday trying to scrape thick, caked, calcified crud out of my humidifier heating basin. No go. Then it occurred to me, to run a glass of water through my homemade unit 12 times and let it sit in the basin awhile. So, three hours later, the bulk of the build-up had dissolved and I only used a light scrub pad to rub the rest out of there.

She added in another post that it’s a pain running and re-running water through the unit, because the water spills all over the place.  Ahh…something Clayton shares during Clayton’s Classroom is the technique to fill the unit with water, almost full, then put a finger over the drain end and a palm over the opening, and shake the water in the unit up and down as many times as you want to shake it.  Every time it goes up, and down, you’re structuring it again.  No need to pour and re-pour and re-re-pour, and not as much water gets spilled.

And yeah, you can tell the difference between water that’s gone through just once and water that’s gone through a vortex a dozen or two dozen times.  The dozen or two dozen times water feels like it’s barely there…it feels like silk.