Clayton’s Classroom: Structuring a sulfur well

During Clayton’s Classroom, March 4, 2015, a caller asked how to structure her brother’s sulfur well. Clayton, Doc Russ and Len discussed these topics and so much more: sulfur, iron and calcification in the water; why to “let it sit” for a while once you structure sulfur water; toxins in the water and the toxic relief “drip line” kit; Total Dissolved Solids; electricity around water makes water hard; engage with the water and you will know where it’s working and where it’s not; entrainment, spraying your food with structured water, and one drop of structured water structures the whole container; how many units do you need; how many times through a unit should you pass the water; muscle testing, and the thymus gland; we need to take our power back; the seven toxin elimination systems in the body; our bodies are fed by energy, and everything you eat goes out your elimination system; and probably one or two more things! This was a busy conversation.

Also, I made one of my own videos about structuring our family farm sulfur well, last May.  I chatted with Clayton later on in the March 4 Classroom segment about how come our sulfur well did not stay structured after I took the homemade drip line off the well.  I’ll probably do another video about that.