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I got interested in structured water when I heard someone say “I know a doctor who says he can cure anything with structured water.”  Structured Water™ is a new concept for many people, and there is a learning curve.  I’ve had a lot of my questions answered — and Clayton and his team are coming up with new stuff all the time, so once I get a question answered, there are twenty new questions to ask!  Up until that time I’d never heard of structured water.  I had to learn!  My online search led me to Natural Action Technologies.

What I wanted: softer water.  Where I lived at that time, I had very hard water.  I was willing to try this out and ordered a whole-house unit.  I bought it; it arrived two days later from Arizona; a few days after that I had it installed.

Over the first few weeks I observed that by structuring the water in my house with a whole-house unit, the calcium, iron and lime in the water that gathered in clumps at the ends of all of my faucets and tinted my shower a nice shade of orange, all gradually started going away.

The next thing I noticed:  the water out of my tap tasted good.

I stopped buying bottled water.  I was putting no more plastic into the local recycling program.

The slightly-rusty-looking white clothes I washed started losing their yellow tinge over time.

I grew water kefir crystals that just kept growing and growing!

Sprouts grown in structured water grow 1.5 ounces compared to 1 ounce of sprouts grown in non-structured water, using the same amount of seed, growing in the same location with the same light.

Then I started hearing all of the amazing healing stories people had to share.  Some of my customers, relatives, friends and others I have talked to have had positive and life-changing experiences with structured water.

I was so impressed with what I saw, heard from others, and experienced for myself, that now I’m an authorized distributor for Natural Action Technologies Structured Water™ Units.  I’m not a scientist or an inventor or a particle physicist; I am a mediator, writer, parent and grandparent, wanting the highest and best for myself and others and the world.  I am creating a world that I would love to return to, sometime in the future.

My “mission” as a mediator has always been to find out “what works for people.”  I wouldn’t promote something that doesn’t work for me, but if I find something that does work for me, I will tell other people about it.  Structured Water™ works for me.

NAT structured water units change the structure of your water.  They don’t remove anything from the water.  Structured water filters can work with your water filtration process.

There are no parts to replace, no filters to buy, no stuff you have to keep paying for, no big bags of anything to order or lug around or transfer from the grocery cart to your car to your garage.  Buy it, use it.  Buy it, install it in your house or on your shower head or under your sink or on your garden hose or at your business, and forget about it.  It just keeps working.

The only “moving part” with these units is the water.  The water moves in vortexes around the balls inside the unit.  That’s pretty much it.  Clayton added energetically enhancing elements  inside the gray balls, utilized sacred geometry, chose  food-grade HDPE plastic to make the units which are built in the USA, so they will last a very long time and be safe, and the units are pretty much indestructible.  They stand up to years of use as a house unit — I can attest to that myself — and my portable goes with me everywhere I go.  They make it through airport security too.

In the structuring process, nothing in the water is removed; it’s neutralized.

Anything beneficial for life is enhanced; anything detrimental to life is rendered neutral.

Structuring the water clears the memory in the water.

If you’re using city water, you’re bringing in water that has gone through all kinds of chemical treatments, water that’s traveled through straight line pipes, and is now essentially dead.  Natural water doesn’t travel in any straight lines.  There are no straight lines in nature.  Natural water is living.  Water that travels through straight line pipes has no life in it.  When dead city water dances through the house unit flow form, the water comes back to life.  They’ve been able to take pictures of water that’s structured.  The more you structure the water molecules, the more light (life!) the molecules contain.

Structuring city water that comes into your house gives it back its life.  Structuring neutralizes anything in the water that’s not beneficial for life and enhances whatever is in the water that is good for life.  Structuring the water clears the water’s memory.  You drink living water with a “clean slate.”

The structuring process has a “field effect” that goes out 1000 feet from where water is being structured.  Anything out of balance within 1000 feet, the structuring process will work on bringing back into balance.

This is all exciting enough — and I’ve only scratched the surface with this much information — yet Clayton and his team are learning new applications, new techniques, new protocols,  hearing new amazing healing stories, and being inspired all over again, every day.  He shares that twice a month on his free Clayton’s Classroom phone calls which anyone can join in on, listen to, participate in.

These Natural Action Technologies water structuring devices are guaranteed for 20 years, or “for life.”  If you don’t like it once you get it, you get a 90-day full money-back refund, no questions asked.

Ready to learn more about structured water?  I’m here to answer your questions, or get your questions answered if I don’t know.

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