IMG_4662 Hi!  I’m Susan; this is my blog about buying, installing, experiencing and experimenting with the structured water devices from Natural Action Technologies, Inc.  

I purchased my Dynamically Enhanced House Unit right after Christmas 2013 and my plumber installed it a week after New Years Day, 2014; we had to wait until the intensely cold polar vortex had passed to install it.

I was so impressed with and excited about my experiences with the structured water unit after a few short weeks, I decided to share my excitement with others.  I am now an authorized distributor of Natural Action Technologies structured water units.

At the time, January 2014, really all I wanted was a water softener.  My water at my house in northeast Nebraska was so hard, my experiments with making my own homemade shampoo were big failures — and I learned much later that it was due to the hard water.  My bathtub was a lovely shade of orange, due to the rust in the water, and every now and then I had to clean the tub, the toilet, my shower curtain, my kitchen sink and bathroom sink, with very toxic, smelly and harsh rust remover chemicals.  Rust and calcium stuck to my pots and pans — you get the picture.  The first thing I noticed after installing the unit was that without doing anything, no chemicals, no “removal” efforts of any kind, the rust and the calcium just kind of left.  I noticed my white clothes getting gradually whiter and brighter and way less yellow.

Curious about what structured water is and what it does?  I’ve distilled some of Clayton’s Classroom comments into several pages you’ll find here and in the pages underneath that main page.

Some of my customers are excited to share their experiences too; I’m compiling their comments here and update it in the drop-down box below as more comments come in.

Looking for the videos?  I’ve done several and keep adding more; you can find them under the Video Category.

If you’re interested in purchasing a unit, please visit my Shop.  If you’re unsure about what to buy or have questions, please contact me!

I’m excited to hear about your experiences with structured water too!  I invite you to join in the conversation!


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