Now that we have our whole house unit…

A satisfied customer calls in and talks with Clayton on the February 18, 2015 phone conference call.

Some of the subjects discussed during this conversation:
~Water softener salt is detrimental to human health
~Water softeners are an ion exchange; that’s how they work
~Has structured water been used in the microchip industry?
~~the memory of water relating to water used in the microchip industry
~~scientists think the water needs to be totally pure: water wants to be balanced, not pure, and will do what it has to do in order to be balanced
~Sulfur water well, entrainment of the water in the well, chlorine smell in water, total dissolved solids in the water drop out and go back into their origins; sulfur well drip line; will sulfur smell go away?

To hear the whole phone call, go here.

Q and A: Will installing a whole house unit “be” a water softener?

Yes!  I experienced that installing a whole house unit softened my water at my home in Nebraska.

You only need to install the whole house unit — one time — and that’s it.  There’s nothing to add, nothing to remove, nothing to change, no ongoing costs, no salt to buy, no heavy bags to lug around, no huge jars of water to hoist onto a plastic dispenser, no parts will wear out, nothing will get ruined…  And, there will be no added detrimental salts going into your body, affecting your long-term health.

The whole 2-hour phone call is available for download here, and the question after this one on the phone call goes further into water softeners and softening and water softener salt and how that affects the human body for the long term.