Clayton’s Classroom: Structuring a sulfur well

During Clayton’s Classroom, March 4, 2015, a caller asked how to structure her brother’s sulfur well. Clayton, Doc Russ and Len discussed these topics and so much more: sulfur, iron and calcification in the water; why to “let it sit” for a while once you structure sulfur water; toxins in the water and the toxic relief “drip line” kit; Total Dissolved Solids; electricity around water makes water hard; engage with the water and you will know where it’s working and where it’s not; entrainment, spraying your food with structured water, and one drop of structured water structures the whole container; how many units do you need; how many times through a unit should you pass the water; muscle testing, and the thymus gland; we need to take our power back; the seven toxin elimination systems in the body; our bodies are fed by energy, and everything you eat goes out your elimination system; and probably one or two more things! This was a busy conversation.

Also, I made one of my own videos about structuring our family farm sulfur well, last May.  I chatted with Clayton later on in the March 4 Classroom segment about how come our sulfur well did not stay structured after I took the homemade drip line off the well.  I’ll probably do another video about that.

Clayton’s Classroom: wells, cows, fracking, and structured water

I was particularly interested in this exchange between Clayton and the caller because of Clayton’s story about the cows being restored to health after one week of structured water.

Their well water, near a fracking site, was structured once, put in a holding tank, and then structured again before the cows could drink the water.

One week and they were literally back on their feet, doing the things cows do, when only a week before they were unable to stand up.  Amazing.

Hot lemon water instead of coffee!

Man, I’ve been in love with actual real live Kona coffee from Hawaii, with real organic cream, the real stuff, not the watered-down stuff or the “half” stuff, for years now.  I have attributed the fact that I’m still here on the planet, to drinking real live Kona coffee from real live Hawaii.  I buy coffee that is grown in Hawaii, shipped to Nebraska as green beans, roasted in Omaha, and ground a bit at a time, as needed.

I learned yesterday listening to Doc Russ (, 602-524-5008 ) that in the coffee roasting process, nitrites (nitrates?) are released.  Nitrates, nitrites, sulfates, and sulfites, none of those are what we want to be consuming.  Coffee will go into the cells of your body and wreak havoc, havoc being leaching the stuff you want in your cells, out, and other fun stuff.  You can hear Doc Russ talk about these nasty things on this conference call.  Another fun thing I learned from Doc Russ:  you know when you read a label and it says “natural flavorings?”  That means aspartame.  Sheesh.

All right, so I’ve heard this for years about how bad coffee really is for the body, and kept on drinking coffee because I’m just a rebel.  This time, though, I’m going to do it.  No more coffee for me, no more 100% pure whole organic whipping cream in my coffee.  Water and lemon now, first thing in the morning, and as often as I feel like it throughout the day.

Making and using the Himalayan Pink Salt solution

Since Clayton mentioned this on one of the teleclasses I listened to six or eight months ago, I’ve been using Himalayan pink salt dissolved in structured water as the only vitamin or mineral or “additive” I use in my body on a frequent basis.  Dissolve Himalayan pink salt in water, let it sit overnight, and you know you’ve used enough salt when there’s still salt in the bottom of the jar.  Once that dissolves, add more salt.

To use the solution, add a teaspoon or so to a glass of room temperature structured water, drink it down, and you’re good to go!  This will replace what the body uses up over a day.  Clayton has explained that the minerals in this solution are nearly identical to what’s in our natural tears.

Traditional Native Hawaiian salt making — salt, made with water, sun, and love:

Now that we have our whole house unit…

A satisfied customer calls in and talks with Clayton on the February 18, 2015 phone conference call.

Some of the subjects discussed during this conversation:
~Water softener salt is detrimental to human health
~Water softeners are an ion exchange; that’s how they work
~Has structured water been used in the microchip industry?
~~the memory of water relating to water used in the microchip industry
~~scientists think the water needs to be totally pure: water wants to be balanced, not pure, and will do what it has to do in order to be balanced
~Sulfur water well, entrainment of the water in the well, chlorine smell in water, total dissolved solids in the water drop out and go back into their origins; sulfur well drip line; will sulfur smell go away?

To hear the whole phone call, go here.