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Sitting here drinking a glass of structured water and eating Oreos. How much better can it get?

I gave my husband a glass, and he said it tasted different from our regular filtered water – cleaner. He even asked me to make a new pitcher and put it in the fridge so he can have some in the morning. Plumber will be out Monday to install it. Oh, and the kidney cat drank it instead of the “normal” water tonight. YAY.

The unit was installed Tuesday, and we’re loving it!  Is it possible to OD on water?  It’s interesting the different effects that is has on different bodies.  My husband is delighted that it seems to be “clearing him out” while it’s the opposite for me.  I’ve been feeling kind of bloated and uncomfortable, but I figure I’ve abused my poor body for the last 60+ years and it will take a bit of time for it to acclimate.  My skin feels much smoother and is not flaky, so for that I’m happy.  I think in May, I’ll take the kidney cat back to the vet for a blood test to see how he’s coming along.  He’s certainly been more active and sociable than he was before.

…Looking back on [the meeting I attended] I think I did have more clarity last night.  On the way to the meeting, I did one of Jim Self’s exercises to get me in the right dimension, but during the meeting, and didn’t get bogged down in minutia, which is not my norm.  I also told a lady who was running for state assembly and the county sheriff that their time was up (in a respectful way, of course) and they, as well as a couple of other folks told me at the end that I run a great meeting.  Go figure.

Today my horses got out.  No one saw them leave so didn’t have any idea where they might be.  We found them about three quarters of a mile from home, and since we didn’t have a trailer hooked up I had to walk them back.  No road, just trudged through the vacant fields around.  By the time I got home, my mouth was drier than it had ever been and my lips were very chapped.  Took a swig from the spigot in the horse area and got the dust out of my mouth then came in and had one glass of water passed through the house unit and once thru the portable and my lips are no longer chapped and feel soft and full.

This gets even better!  I was still 40 miles from home when M called and said the horses were out and he was driving around looking for them.  So I sent my pakauwah out to find them and asked the same of the angels.  Then I called the neighbor kid and asked him to keep an eye out.  He called back a few minutes later and said they were in the field behind his house with a wild stud.  Great.  So he came and got some food to try to entice them home, but they ran off, so he and his buddies hopped in their various vehicles and went looking;  called back a few minutes later and said they’d found them.  By then, I was within blocks of home, so I dashed in to get a halter and rope and went to find them all.  

When I got there, the horses were peacefully munching on some hay that was on the ground, and a lady I didn’t know was standing talking to them so I took the chow hound’s food dish and halter and went to get her.  Bribery works sometimes. About the time I got fairly close, like within 4 feet, the stud decides to mount her.  Great again.  She kicked the sh*t out of him and was still kicking while I was getting her halter on.  So I had food dish in one hand and lead rope in the other starting out across the field.  She is usually pretty docile once you get the halter on and she did start out following quietly, but then discovered that the others weren’t following, so she started getting anxious, trying to turn around and go back and just generally pulling me around.  I finally got her in her pen, and the other two came charging up a few seconds later.  So I closed the gate into the horse area, got the other horse into her pen, opened the gate and drove the stud off.  No wonder I was dehydrated!

The best part is – I called the lady today to thank her and ask if I could replace the hay she’d used, and she said it wasn’t her hay.  It was just out there!  I mean in a humongous field there just happens to be a flake of hay lying on the ground?  Wow!  Then I discovered I’d lost my iPhone in all the melee so I asked the kids to backtrack to see if they could find it but by then it was getting dark so I called it off for the night and we went to dinner.  When I was relaxing at dinner, it came to me to try the Find my iPhone app so when we got home I did that, it found the phone which had fallen out of my pocket when I was haltering the beast, and the boys retrieved it this morning seemingly none the worse for wear.

Oh – the stud was back this morning, but the girls were locked in their pens and the main gate (which had been left open yesterday allowing the great escape) was firmly closed.

Went to dinner with some friends last night and took my portable unit with me.  Made a perfect mess of the table pouring water through it, but a big enough tip takes care of things like that.  Anyhow, one of the gals who “doesn’t drink water anywhere but at home” tried it and actually liked it.  Then the waitress came and refilled my structured glass with regular water and they were all teasing me about how my water was no good any more.  I just smiled.

This morning the farrier came and I was out there with him, bottle of water in hand.  The mare that usually gives him a hard time stood there calm, cool and collected and even offered him her feet.  What a change!!!!!!!!!!

I have some neighbors who have horses who have never really been handled.  Their hooves were into the neglect/cruelty phase – one of them at least a foot long and I’d been wondering how to broach the subject with them without anyone becoming defensive.  One of the friends I had dinner with last night is a volunteer county animal control guy and a big wild horse advocate, so we discussed it briefly.  At that point, I had not actually seen the horses, but a concerned neighbor was telling me about them.  So when the farrier finished with mine this morning, I looked over and the neighbor was outside, so we went over.   I started with “I don’t know if you already have a farrier, but let me introduce you to mine”.  He was absolutely delighted.  He knew the feet were bad, but didn’t have any idea who to call. He was on his way to work, so he took the farrier’s card and asked if he could come on Friday.  He also gave me permission to come on his property and mess with the horses.  I will probably go over and talk to them, but I don’t want to get them excited and moving, so they don’t trip over themselves and fall.

So I don’t know if the water is having an effect, but it sure seems like it!  This is fun.

Today one of my friends asked how I could keep going to those [public] meetings when I knew what to expect.  I told him it was a chance to perfect my skills – but neglected to tell him it was a structured water experiment.  LOL

Kidney cat update:  He’s a friggin’ nag.  He NEVER talked before (except when he thought he needed to go outside) and now, he’s after me as soon as I get up to feed him, pet him or just generally pay attention.  He’s generally more sociable and still frisky.  I’ll get him to the vet toward the end of the month to do another blood test to see how he’s holding up on the inside.  I was thinking last night that I need to structure the food that he likes the best to see if he’ll eat more.

I did structure some bottled orange juice, which I normally don’t like because of the acidity, and it was great.  Next I’ll try the cigarettes.  LOL

Forgot to tell you about my pine tree.  I watered it a couple of weeks ago via the sprinkler system (which cuts off from the main line before the structured water unit).  The next day I looked out the window and there were cones on it!  The tree has been there for 10 years now and never had any cones.  I don’t know even what kind of pine it is, nor do I know when a pine normally starts to get cones, but I thought it pretty remarkable that I noticed cones the day after watering it.  I’m betting the entrainment theory is alive and well.  Must take a picture down to the nursery to see if they can identify it.

Tonight at dinner, M said to me:  “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we have a lot more birds this year.”

Yesterday I went to the dentist (my favorite thing) and he worked on my upper tooth.  While he was working, I could feel the pressure building up in my sinuses. Then I worked with the neighbor’s horses for a bit and came home.  By that time I had a monstrous headache.  I took an Advil, but after an hour, I still had the headache, so I sprayed the top of my head with, you guessed it, structured water.  In a matter of minutes, the headache was gone and I could feel energy swirling around in my head and no more sinus pressure.

Am taking the cat (previously referenced, with kidney problems) in Monday, so I’ll let you know what transpires.  If it’s really good, I might even call Clayton. LOL

update, about a year later, on “kidney cat”

I figured it was time to tell you that kidney cat is doing great.  He’s still scooting around like he owns the place. l haven’t taken him back to the vet for a blood test and probably will not.  He’s eating better and LOVES those treats.  Of course, the other cats discovered I was giving him treats, so I get mobbed at treat time.

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