Basic Intro to Structured Water

Structured water filtered through a Natural Action Technologies structured water unit is water that is healthy for life.  “Structuring brings things in alignment with nature.” ~ Clayton Nolte

Clayton Nolte, inventor of Structured Water™ devices

Clayton Nolte, inventor of Structured Water™ devices

Structured water brings what’s in the water back into balance.  Structured water is “organized” water.

Structured water brings the water straight into your system, right into your cellular level.  It is instantaneously available to your body, and as the human body ages, we have to expend more and more energy when we drink water just to make the water available to our bodies when we drink it.  Structured water removes that step; the water is instantly bioavailable; and this frees up the energy in our bodies so that we can do other things with the energy that we would have expended, just making the water available for our bodies to take in.

The Original portable Natural Action Technologies structured water unit (rear), and the Dynamically Enhanced unit (front)

The Original portable Natural Action Technologies structured water unit (rear), and the Dynamically Enhanced unit (front).

A Natural Action Technologies structured water device has no moving parts; there is nothing to wear out, and there is nothing to replace, refill, add, or continue purchasing.  This is a one-time-only purchase.  A unit is warranted by Natural Action Technologies to last 20 years, and comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee from Crystal Star Water, authorized distributor for Natural Action Technologies.

The only thing that moves is the water.

Water poured through a Natural Action Technologies structured water unit moves in vortices, circling around balls made of HDPE food-grade plastic (BPA free).  This “natural vortex action” that the water moves through mimics the journey water takes as it is flowing down a mountainside, rushing around rocks and boulders, easing through tidepools, traveling in irregular circles and eddies, cascading many times through vortices in its trip down the mountain stream.  Water flowing down a mountainside through many vortices is nature’s way of structuring water and making it healthy for all life.  Structured water is full of living light and energy.

This vortex action as water moves in circles to the right and circles to the left removes the memories trapped in the water molecules and makes the water taste pure and fresh and sweet.  Vortexing doesn’t “kill” the toxins in the water; vortexing brings light and life to the water.  The toxins remain in the water, but are neutralized.  What’s in the water that’s good for life is energized and enhanced and is made more bio-available, so that humans can fulfill their destiny; what’s in the water that’s not good for life is neutralized so that it doesn’t negatively impact the body.

Water that’s been filtered through a Natural Action Technologies structured water unit will be soft, because through the vortexing process the hydrogen bond angle has been altered.  Toxins will be neutralized, and what’s good for life, like calcium, will be in a form that nature and the human body can access readily.


What’s inside the Original Portable Structured Water unit.

Unstructured water has a hydrogen bond angle that looks like a grid pattern with lots of straight lines.  When water is unstructured, coming out of a tap, calcium molecules cluster up and stick to each other and there is hard water residue left behind that begins to chunk up and require a lot of effort and chemicals to remove.  Unstructured water allows toxins in the water to be toxic to life.  Calcium that clusters up like this is not available for the body to use.

Imagine water that’s trapped in the loop of a city water system.  Imagine all of the straight line pipes the water flows through.  Straight line pipes are not the way water flows naturally when it’s out in nature.  Imagine all of the people and all of their emotions “city water” encounters and carries along with it.  Imagine all of the chemicals such as prescription drugs and antibiotics in meat that we eat and eliminate that gets physically and energetically recycled back into the city water system — okay, let’s not imagine all of that…  Water that is in a closed-loop city water system carries all of those memories with it in the energy of the water.  Water cascading down a mountainside through natural vortices releases all of those memories.  Water flowing through a structured water unit releases those memories too.

Water that’s been filtered through a whole-house structured water unit before coming out of the tap will have a completely different feel than unstructured tap water.  It won’t feel rough and harsh; it will feel “round.”  The actual shape of structured water is a star shape.  Structured water is silky-soft, but feels soft in a different way than water that’s been treated by water softener salt.  The structured water coming from the tap will begin to dissolve old calcium deposits stuck inside plumbing, water softeners, water lines, around shower handles, and will have the effect of making these items last longer.  This same effect will also begin to happen within the body that uses structured water.

Homemade laundry detergent, on the left, made with water, borax, washing soda, and Zum soap, before I bought my structured water unit; on the right, the same recipe made with structured water.

Homemade laundry detergent, on the left, made with water, borax, washing soda, and Zum soap, before I bought my structured water unit; on the right, the same recipe made this past week with structured water.  It’s clear to see how the unstructured water keeps things separated and the structured water brings things into solution.

Unstructured water retains the energetic memories and keeps things separated.  Structured water has released the memory and integrates, harmonizes, and brings what’s in the water into balance, so that the body can use it the way nature intended.

Structured water just sitting in your living space creates an energy field that is life-enhancing.  If structured water can be moving in your living space, like it would be moving out in nature, all the better.  When structured water is at rest in your water line, it is positively impacting the water 300 feet ahead of it in the water line, and 300 feet behind it.

The entrainment effect:  a drop of structured water added to the coffee you order in a restaurant will structure the whole cup of coffee.  Add a drop or two of structured water to beer or wine and it will taste better, and you may not have the headache afterwards.  Water a small patch of strawberries in a many-acre strawberry field, and all of the strawberries will bloom on the same day, and when they begin to bear fruit, all of the strawberries will begin bearing fruit on the same day.  Plants grown with structured water will keep on producing far longer than “normal,” and the produce will be bigger, healthier, more prolific, will require less fertilizer, and will have higher food value as tested on a BRIX meter.  Food grown with structured water will be healthy for life.  Structured water placed in the room where meetings are taking place, meetings that would tend to be tense or confrontational, adding the structured water to the room will bring balance; the structured water will be working to restore balance to the energy of the room where it is.  When staying in a hotel room overnight, structure a glass of water and set it in the room; in the morning it will taste like chlorine and the energy of the room where you’ve slept will have been harmonized and balanced all night long.

The best way to test structured water is to see it and feel it for yourself.  Science and objective scientific testing is one way to understand this, but it’s not the best or the only way.  Your own body is your best test equipment.  Do you enjoy drinking your tap water?  Does it feel good to you drinking a glass of water coming out of your tap?  For me, it did not.  I would have to force myself to drink water and once it came into my body it felt like it didn’t belong there.  I didn’t trust my tap water and always boiled it before using it in my coffeemaker, “distilling” my own tap water before use.  Even then I bought bottled water to drink at home.

Now I can’t get enough of the structured water coming right out of my tap.  I’m drinking it all day long, and it feels when I put it in my body like my cells absorb it — like they’re reaching out for it and grabbing it with gusto and taking it in right away.  It doesn’t sit in my stomach feeling heavy and like it doesn’t belong there — I don’t even feel it there.  I have been able to see the reduction in calcium deposits in my bathtub and toilet; I have watched my water kefir crystals grow like crazy; watering my spider plants in structured water, with no added fertilizers, the spider plants were bright green and healthy all winter long; taking a bath in structured water is such a sacred physical experience and feels just exquisite; my skin and hair are softer…I could go on and on.  I have noticed that my home, my yard, my neighbors, my life, it’s all working to support me now.  Where I may have felt resistance in places before, now it’s balance and harmony and flow and support.  That has been amazing to me.


Spider plants in April 2014, fed only water since January 2014 — no fertilizers. Calcium in structured water is now bioavailable.

People who are sensitive to energy will enjoy structured water.  Maybe just pouring water through a structured water unit and sitting with it for a bit will answer the sensitive person’s questions:  will this work for me?  Will it overwhelm me?  Will I be too sensitive to this too?  And it could also be that simply connecting with the energy of the structured water units and with the energy of the inventor himself is all an energetically sensitive person will need, to learn for him or herself whether this is a good choice or not.

Is this just hocus-pocus?  Is it real?  For a few dollars, create your own structured water unit.  Put together your own structured water unit using a recycled water bottle, and fill it with marbles or clean round glass florist beads, and on the end add a filter of some sort — a recycled rubber-banded-on bag that oranges came in, for example; use your own creativity & what’s around the house to come up with your own invention.  Create a tube effect so that the water flows in one end and out the other.  Taste the water; feel the water.  See for yourself whether “just” running water over some round things, with the water making little vortices, whether that gives your water a different taste and feel.

Natural Action Technologies Structured Water Units come in durable portable units that you can carry with you to restaurants, to the workplace, and on airplanes; there are units for under the kitchen sink; units for the shower; there are units for the whole house; there are units for commercial use.  A small “drip kit” placed on a well head will treat a well and change the water in the entire well, making it good for drinking.

A couple of precautions to take:  don’t drop the units; and don’t let them freeze.  Brass fittings on the ends of the whole house units will eventually “go back to the earth” if the units are buried in the ground, so put some tape or some sort of barrier around the brass areas before burying them.

Dynamically Enhanced units have added minerals in the gray balls inside the units, minerals that enhance the ionizing effect.  Nothing will leach out of the units, and there are no moving parts in these units; they are created as a “flow form” so that the water flows in both left and right vortices as it travels through the units.  Passing water one time through a Dynamically Enhanced unit is equivalent to passing the water two or more times through an original unit.  People enjoy playing with passing water through a unit two or three times, or six or twelve times, or a hundred times!

There is so much information available on Clayton Nolte’s website.  I’d highly recommend listening to one or two or a dozen or all of the teleconference calls and listen to the questions and the answers.  This is a technology that is only just now beginning to be understood, experimented with, tested, and used by the public, and the positive potentials for this are endless.

How will you use structured water?  How will it change your life?

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