Channel Excerpt: Goddess of Creation

G:  This is the perfect example of the new energy:  that which is the truth cannot be hidden anymore.  That which is the truth and which is in the best alignment for all told, is going to make a powerful impact.  So be not concerned about that.  (that others in the government are trying to shut Clayton down)  We would say to you only — and we haven’t linked directly with this

guy, we’re just looking at him from afar — but it feels like he does a lot of energy work and it feels like he’s got some very powerful forces that are with him that are seeking to keep him in that space of balance and alignment, and in doing so it — he’s got a pretty strong front, so we’re not *really* concerned about him, and we don’t want anyone to go into a state of fear about this; we would say to you only, be cautious — or not cautious; be aware of a potential out there that we see, and just try to be in your space of balance without stepping into fear.

SB:  Yep.  I was already kind of — yeah, because all the Tesla technologies have always been quashed –

G:  Exactly.

SB:  And I know that there’s that potential, and I’ve actually been surprised that he’s been able to get this out there to the degree that he is.  And successfully!  And I’m just amazed, and I’m excited to be part of this and support him in his work in getting the idea out there that it is as simple as a vortex.

G:  Right.

SB:  And it’s that obvious.

So I would like to know, about this, is this going to lead to the new energy, the Free Energy thing that Adamus keeps talking about?

G:  The free energy?

SB:  Um-hmm.

G:  Our sense is that this is a foundation.  People have talked about hydro energy many, many, many times, and they’ve talked about it in many forms, like when we’re speaking of hydro, we’re seeing it in a car. There’s always been the hydro-electric plants that people are using; that’s already happening.   But what we see taking place is that people are looking for a new alternative to the old the oil, and this is a foundation for that that can definitely take place.  It feels like there are some older ideas, like from the ‘70s and ‘80s that people have — that, that for whatever reason, they just, just didn’t work at the time, it wasn’t quite the right timing, so that being said, we feel like there’s a lot that’s coming about that has to do with the cars and the running of the cars, and it feels like that’s the first thing that’s coming up to us in our awareness.

The next thing that comes behind that is using fuel that has to do with like electricity-type fuel, correct?  Is that what you’re thinking about?

SB:  I don’t know.

G:  Okay.  Because as you know, power comes in many different forms, and there’s the solar, there’s the wind, there’s the water, there’s the oil, there’s the — and people use these in varying degrees, some to heat the house, some for electric in the house, some for the cars, and some for just monitoring or expanding the gridwork of the whole entire world.  Where people have, you know, they, they — let’s call it a mini worldwide web, that allows for the electricity to go around the world, and that is based on the gravitational pull of the earth.

One of the things that’s coming out that’s going to be — we don’t why we’re going off on this subject; we don’t really know that it’s necessarily the answer that you were looking for, but we’re here, we’re talking about it; there is a lot that has to do with the crystals of the earth that are in the center of the earth, and these crystals are, as the vibrational pull of the earth and the universe continues to realign itself as it’s doing through these great shifts that are taking place upon the earth between  — you know, we can sit here and spit out many different days of the weeks and months that have taken effect that people have noticed it so strongly, and what’s happening is the universe is realigning with the center of the earth and the crystals within the earth, and as this realignment continues to come up and it’s like — um, um, um, you know that image that they always show of the people that are out there in the lunar module and they’re going “chink-chink,” just like these slight millimeters and then it causes a big change, and then “chink-chink” a little millimeters, and then they’re aligning enough to come into a docking station?   Do you know what we’re talking about?

SB:  Um-hmm.

G:  It’s like that’s what the earth is doing, these little “chink-chink,” these little very subtle changes that may seem like millimeters or centimeters or something like that, but it’s making profound effect in its new alignment with the universe.  And as this is happening, that crystalline energy is going to be magnified, not only through the water, it’s going to be magnified through crystals themselves, quartz crystals, smoky quartz crystals, various quartz crystals, and so power and energy is going to be generated in many different forms:  through the crystals, through the water, through the, um, um, um, wind, through the sun, and, and, and everything as it realigns into this new place.

The question is:  are people going to continue to have fossil fuel?  Is that going to continue to be a part of this?  And, yes indeed, for the foreseeable future, the fossil fuels will also be a part of this, for at least the next ten to 15 to 20 years, maybe.  Um, but, um, but more and more people are going to find that as they’re drilling, or as they’re doing things, they’re going to be saying “oh, here’s some crystals!  Oh, look at these crystals!  Oh, look what I found!”  And a lot of the crystals, especially those that sank with Atlantis, are going to be coming up and rising up to the surface, and that comes with this transition in the energies.

SB:  Oh!  Interesting!

G:  Mm-hmm.  We spoke recently about Atlantis, and mentioned, we think that you have probably heard this before, but, Atlantis actually stretched all the way from, say, as far as what you might call Alabama, Kentucky, all of those states, all the way across to Eastern Europe.  And so when Atlantis sank, it created the Atlantic Ocean, and that whole middle section of it, two thirds of the entire continent of Atlantis sank into the ocean, there was still that which was left on either end of it, and that continued to live, and that’s how people got away.  But, um, there’s all that technology that just went into the ocean, because that was what needed to happen at that point.  The world was unstable.  The world could not handle the lasers, it could not handle the crystals, it could not handle that way of generating energy.  And so, not only did Atlantis sink, but it caused flooding all over the whole entire world.

Was that Noah’s Ark.  Was that when the continents separated.  The continental drift and stuff like that.  You know, one might say they were all a similar time frame, but we’re talking millions of years and it’s all like the blink of an eye.

Okay.  So we don’t know that you necessarily wanted to get into this deep theosophical discussion about things, but there’s the answer — there’s the long answer to your question.

SB:  Hmm.  Okay!

G:  And, there must be a reason why you needed to hear all of that; you know, perhaps it has something to do with the water, that you’re going to be doing, with what you’re working with that; somehow, some way, we feel like this is all, it was meant to tell you, or we would not have spoken of it at such great length.

SB:  Mm-hmm.

G:  Okay.  Did we even answer your question.

SB:  Sure!


G:  We feel your house has greater value than it did the last couple of times we looked at it.  Is the value going up in your house?

SB:  I don’t think so.

G:  Hmm.

SB:  Um, the only thing that’s different now than it was, say, last fall, is now I have a structured water unit there.

G:  Yeah.  Well, it feels like that, you would take with you, though, wouldn’t you?

SB:  Yes.

G:  Yeah.  That’s what we thought.  Um, it feels to us as if the values or, it feels like there’s a lot that stayed the same, but for some reason it looks like your house is more valuable to us; perhaps it is because having that type of water in there and having it go throughout all of the pipes and go throughout everything, is, um, creating a sense of shifting the whole entire energy of the house.

SB:  Um-hmm!

G:  Okay.


SB:  Just one little reflection:  drinking the [structured] water, has that helped in this transition that I’m going through?

G:  Yes, it has.

SB:  Okay.  Could you say a little bit about that?  As much as Shelly has energy for.

G:  You’ve been doing so many transitions on a very spiritual level, you’ve been working with the high light dimensions, you’ve been working with your lightbody, you’ve been working with your emotions, you’ve been working with those many things that are reflected as “nonphysical.”  And the water brings it down to an elemental level of the physical.  And so that’s why it’s had such a profound effect.  And it’s — it’s almost like it opens up a doorway or a gateway that allows you to integrate at another, at just a very specific place.

Going back to the cellular level of Who You Are, and what that means to you in this lifetime.

That’s kinda cool, isn’t it.

SB:  And the consciousness of the planet is now ready for this?

G:  Yes.

Is the consciousness of the planet ready to take it on 100% wholeheartedly?  No.  Is the consciousness of the planet in a place that is ready to take these steps to open up to the next level of whatever that may be?  Yes.  Are there enough people that are evolved and open and consciously aware that this can be integrated more fully with the earth plane?  Yes.

SB:  Well, that’s very exciting.  (Chuckle.)

G:  Indeed!  And all that people have been waiting for and wishing for?  It IS here.  It IS happening.  It IS coming up at that higher and higher degree of awareness.

SB:  Mm-hmm.  And this is only going to help things.

G:  Correct.

SB:  Moving in that direction.

G:  Mm-hmm.

SB:  That’s awesome.

G:  It’s a new part of the — not the power, that’s not the word we want to use; energy.  It’s a new form of the energy; it’s a new way of integrating it; and it’s stuff that’s been there that’s been waiting to come out, and that which has been sealed, or hidden away, is coming to the forefront also.

SB:  Mm-hmm.

G:  Awesome.

Okay.  Well, Shelly’s really pooping out here, so we will bring this to a close.  We thank you as always for reaching out to us; we appreciate being able to have such a wonderful, wonderful part of your transition and information during this experience this evening.  You know that we love you dearly, and we are ever with you.  Ansaluia!


~Goddess of Creation channeled by Shelly Dressel

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