Channel Excerpt: My Guides

SB:  And so, I’m curious about structured water, about the business that I’m creating; is there anything you’d like to say about that?

J:  It is helping to bring in new potentials.  On many, many levels.  Potentials for new types of energy.  Potentials for new beginnings.  Potentials for true clearing of karma.  Clearing of energy patterns within the physical body.

As you know, what you already learned from the structured water and the dynamics that accompany it, the entrainment and all of these things, it is a blessing for those who drink it because it affects the body.

The body carries energy imbalances from the past, from even other lifetimes, and in the greatest service to the human — or to the angelic being, the body carries these things until such time as they are rebalanced.  The structured water allows the clearing, depending on, and this is an important factor, depending on the level of consciousness and awareness that the individual allows.

You don’t necessarily have to be into, oh, into channeling, and into all of these, these bywords and concepts that you are familiar with.  But if their consciousness is ready to be open, then they can receive the benefits of this water.

Now, you may run into those who just don’t get it, who just are not interested, who don’t feel a thing, who can’t tell a difference.  It is because, ultimately, they are not ready or willing to let go of the past.  That’s all it is.

SB:  Wow.

J:  Because the structured water unstructures the past.

It helps to dissolve the structures in which energy has been set, or stuck, or programmed, or structured.  It takes that apart.

And if you, if you think of, of your, well, let’s, for a metaphor, let’s use the children’s toys, the little blocks, where you can build anything you can imagine.  Spend a lot of time building a structure, building a creation, adding on to it, revising it, making it bigger and bigger.

At some point, at some point, in order to move on, that has to be dismantled so that you can, then, build something new.

Not everyone is ready for their precious creations, or their stuck aspects, or however they experience it, to be dismantled.  It’s not a destruction; it’s a re-purposing of the energy.

It is a freeing of the energy; not to get rid of anything, but to re-use it in a new creation.

And so the structured water helps to dismantle all those building blocks, in a sense, of the structures that have been built lifetime after lifetime.  That is part of what it can do.

And those who are not ready to do so are not going to feel drawn to it.

And, by the same token, those who do feel drawn to it and allow the clearing that it is still up to the individual whether consciously or subconsciously, up to the individual how quickly to allow it, how deeply to allow it to go, at any point, but as they allow the — the unstructuring of themselves, as this, as this cleared water affects all of their systems, that potential, then, of clearing, of freeing, of unsticking the energy, that goes out into consciousness; and someone who, last month, was completely uninterested, in six months from now they might be ready.

SB:  Mm-hmm!

J:  So it’s going to be interesting to, to watch how it unfolds.  And it is time.  It is time for this to filter out into consciousness.  Not that you have to push it, or try to control it in any way, but consciousness is ready.

SB:  Good.  One thing I want to do is to advertise on the Awakening Zone pages.

J:  Wonderful!  We believe our channeler can help you with that.

SB:  We believe so too!  And would I have your permission and the channeler’s permission to put some of what was just channeled here on my website?  So that people, when they click on my website could read this, ‘cause this was amazing.  I kind of knew it already, but just to hear it, in those words, that was amazing.

J:  By all means.  By all means.  With the proper references.

SB:  Sure.  I would definitely put Jean’s link there.

J:  Indeed.

~my guides channeled by Jean Tinder

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