Comparing Original & DE Units


  Original Dynamically Enhanced
Size of portable unit Length End to End:  7.5 Length End to End:  7.5
  Weight:  9.5 oz Weight:  9.5 oz
Flow form inside White Balls Grey Balls
Flow form vortexes the water Yes Yes
Vortexing the water removes memory from the water, increases the hydrogen bond angle Yes Yes
Water is organized Yes  Yes
In that organization it creates a lower surface tension Yes Yes
Instant hydration of body cells Yes Yes
Water is more readily available at the cellular level Yes Yes
Because water is instantly available to the body, your body does not have to work to make the water available Yes Yes
Energetically neutralizes all toxins Yes Yes
Energetically enhances all nutrients Yes Yes
Makes the water soft Yes Yes
Balances pH Yes Yes
Number of times needed to send the water through the portable unit for an equal effect



Water is structured as it goes through the device Yes Yes
Portable and durable Yes Yes
Guaranteed by Natural Action Technologies for 20 years Yes Yes
Minerals added to the flow form that enhance the energetic benefits
>>See this post for more details:
No Yes
By “blessing” (or cursing) the water as it goes through the unit, the user’s consciousness will energetically affect the water Yes Yes
Structured water will feel silky and smooth to the taste Yes Yes
Toxic elements in water will be neutralized Yes Yes
What’s good for life in the water will be enhanced Yes Yes
Calcium deposits that make up chunky “hard water” residue will begin to dissolve and the calcium will become bioavailable inside the human body Yes ~ may take a little longer Yes ~ may happen sooner than with the Original
The unit itself is being used as an energetic “laser” in energy healing modalities  No Yes
Breathing through the unit will have benefits (i.e., with asthma, sinus…) Yes Yes
Created specifically to assist the body in dealing with the effects of electromagnetic fields  No Yes
Helps the body become hydrated properly and absorb nutrients Yes Yes
Added components create an ion effect, ward off things like electromagnetic energy, increase the basic energy of the unit, overcome the smell and the taste of chlorine No Yes
Laid side by side, people are naturally more attracted to the unit itself (and also the water coming out of the unit) because of the increased energy attributes in the unit No Yes
Works fine in places where you don’t have a lot of adversity (energy you can’t see and it’s not easy to measure) Yes Yes, plus extra added benefits
Soaking a GMO tomato with a food value of 4 on a Brix meter (indicating practically zero life force energy) will increase its food value No ~ GMO food has no food value No ~ GMO food has no food value
Watering a garden or even a small patch will positively impact the growing plants in a larger area, even if the watered area is small Yes  Yes
Drinking structured water, your life will change! Yes!!! Yes!!!


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