How People Are Using The Units

Here’s a non-exhaustive list that I’ve compiled of some of the things that people are doing with structured water, as related on the Clayton’s Classroom phone calls.

Drink structured water that’s filtered through a structured water unit.

Hold your finger at the end of the portable unit, fill with water, hold your hand over the top, shake the unit up and down several times, and structure the water inside a number of times.  Every time the water vortexes around the balls inside, it’s structured again.   Try tasting the water that’s just passed through one time, and compare that with water that’s been structured half a dozen or a dozen times.

Allow a drop or two of structured water filtered through the unit to fall into your favorite beverage:  coffee, tea, beer, wine, whatever you’re enjoying.  Structured water instantly changes the taste of the beverage.  Orange juice, for example, tastes less bitter, tastes more “round”.  If you like wine, you’ll enjoy it even more with a drop or two of structured water added to it — and there will be no headache!

Bathe in structured water.

Don’t have a whole-house or shower unit?  Take your portable unit and filter as much bathwater through the portable unit as possible, while the tub is filling; while in the tub, pass the unit through the water a number of times.  This will structure the water more and more while you bathe.

Fill your swimming pool or hot tub with structured water; your pool will need less chlorine and it will be easier to maintain its cleanliness.

Bathe your groceries in structured water!   Seriously.  Make sure they don’t get soaked, by wrapping them in plastic in a way that water won’t penetrate them, sealing them in watertight tubs like a Rubbermaid tub:  soak your potato chips, Snickers bars, all those wonderful junk food items, all your groceries, in structured water:  they’ll be healthy for you.

Submerge a steak in structured water for several hours — again, wrapping it in plastic so it’s not touching the water directly.  The steak will be the best one you’ve ever eaten.

Fresh produce:  soak it directly in a tub or kitchen sink of structured water for an hour or so.  Produce will stay fresher longer.  My personal experience:  I soaked asparagus for an hour or two in structured water, then kept it in a pitcher in water in the fridge; it was as fresh on Day 10 as it was on Day 1 from the store.

Fill a spray bottle with structured water — any kind of spray bottle, any size.  Use structured water mist in so many ways.  

Take it with you into a restaurant; mist your coffee, orange juice, soda, salad, breakfast, lunch, dinner; the food and beverages will be healthy for you.  

Spray your dusty furniture, wipe dry with a cotton cloth — no more need for chemicals to dust your furniture.

Spray your windows with structured water and wipe clean with a cotton cloth.

Bad smells in the air?  Spray the air with structured water mist.

Freshen clothes with a misting of structured water and let them air-dry in the sun and breeze.

Headache?  Mist your head with structured water.  Stomachache?  Achy knees?  Pain in the shoulder?  Spray the area of the pain with a mist of structured water.

Tired, disoriented, sleepy while driving?  Mist the top of your head with structured water and feel the balance and energy return instantly.

Need a burst of energy?  Put away the energy drinks and caffeine; they throw your system out of balance.  Instead, mist above your head with structured water, and take a drink of structured water.  The energy and creativity and balance will return.

Spray your eyeglasses with structured water; your vision may change and improve.

The portable Dynamically Enhanced unit is being used as an energetic laser pointing device for healing.  

If you are the one doing the healing on someone else, ask the person to take a few deep breaths, while you send “heart energy” through the unit; move the unit in small circles around the area that needs to be healed; do this for a few minutes; the area in need of healing will heal faster and with fewer side effects.

Breathe through the unit three times through each nostril.  

Significant breathing benefits have been noted:  heart rate returns to normal for those experiencing high-altitude difficulties; persons with asthma have noted immediate positive benefits, breathing through a unit; mental clarity returns and is greatly enhanced, breathing through a unit.

Garden uses for structured water:  water the garden, sprinkle the yard with a sprinkler or mister system, put water out for pets and wild birds; keep water moving in your yard in a fountain or sprinkler or bird bath.

Once you get the animals in your yard used to having structured water available to them, make sure that when you leave for a few days you’ve set up a system for the water to still be available, through a drip system on a timer from your outside faucet, or some such system.

Cars can use structured water.

Put a cup of structured water in your car radiator overflow tank.  This will increase the gas mileage for the first 200 miles in cars with computers; after 200 miles the computer takes over and goes back to reducing the gas mileage.  In older model cars where there is no computer, the gas mileage remains increased.  Even if your car has a functioning computer, adding structured water to the radiator overflow will enhance your car’s performance — a 4-cylinder will have the power of a 6-cylinder.

Add structured water to the windshield washer tank.

Use less chemicals.

I’ve experienced this one personally:  a glass of structured water taken with my two ibuprofen tablets took my headache right away.  I was quite aware that next time I need ibuprofen, I would only need one tablet.  Of course everyone will need to experiment with this individually.  

How Clayton uses structured water:

When he gets up, first thing, he drinks 8 to 10 to 12 to 20 ounces of room temperature water.
Ten minutes later he drinks the same amount of room temperature water.  (He may add the salt brine solution, below, to the water — I do.)
This will regulate the body.
He does the breathing technique through the portable unit.
He showers in structured water.
Then he can start his day.
Around 3-5 pm it’s important to have more room temperature structured water — this is the time when the kidneys empty out (I think he says)…  It’s time to replenish the system with water.

More ideas…

Sleep with a bottle of structured water.

Put a bowl of structured water out in your house, or in a motel room where you’re staying overnight, or in a conference room where there’s a tense meeting going on.  The water will work to balance the energies in the room.  Next morning after sleeping with the water in a glass on your nightstand in your hotel room, if you taste the water, it will probably taste like chlorine.  It’s done its work.

Keep water out, moving, in a fountain in your house.  Keep the structured water dancing!

For all the health and nutrition your body needs:  start your day with a glass of structured water and put a half teaspoon of Himalayan Pink Salt brine solution in the water.  Himalayan Pink Salt contains low sodium and 84 minerals, nearly matching what the body requires to get through the day.  Making Himalayan Pink Salt brine:  find a container with a lid; add a tablespoon or two of Himalayan Pink Salt and a cup or two of water; let it sit overnight with the lid on. If the salt is completely melted by the next morning, you need more salt.  Keep adding salt until there’s still some left in the bottom, next morning.  Then use a small amount, half teaspoon to a tablespoon of the brine solution per day, in a glass of water, to keep your body nourished.  Once the water is gone, add more water, and once the salt is gone, add more salt.  You can continue doing this indefinitely.

I’ll add more here over time … what new uses will you find for structured water and structured water units?

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