Using Structured Water

I had my whole-house dynamically enhanced structured water unit installed right after the Polar Vortex cleared out of Nebraska in early January 2014.  What I do with structured water:

*drink it straight out of the tap with a dynamically enhanced whole house unit and feel the amazing difference between my normal tap water experience and structured water — I *never* drank tap water before

*bathe in structured water and it feels so sacred — it feels like the natural water bubbling up out of the ground at the mineral hot springs I went to in Colorado last July; Clayton says our bodies absorb 7 cups of water in 10 minutes, bathing…I add nothing, no salts, no bubble bath, no water softening anything, no soap, and it is just pure heaven…I do usually try to do this after dark, and turn out the lights and light a candle…makes it special

*shower in structured water

*I *always* take a bottle of structured water with me in the car, have some in the car available for my dog whenever he wants a drink, and always keep a gallon of structured water handy in the car for refill purposes.  I try to refill the gallon fresh every time before I leave on any trip.

*I take a gallon of structured water with me to the dog park when we go, and fill the big bowls people have left there as “community bowls” where the dogs come and drink.  Our dog park has water available out of a fountain during summer months; they take the fountain away when there is any danger of freezing, so if we want water for our dogs, we bring it ourselves during the cold months.  I’m having fun observing changes in dogs and people when the dogs have structured water available.

*put some structured water in a mister / spray bottle & carry that with me in my briefcase to spritz on my crown chakra at times when I’m feeling tired or sleepy and need to stay focused, or when I want structured water on my salad in a restaurant — just two examples

*make probiotic water kefir, and the grains grow and grow and grow!!!

*I got rid of my fully functional and perfect electric coffeemaker, and bought a coffee press.  I do drink coffee; structured water and electricity don’t work well together.  Now I boil the structured water in an antique enamel kettle on my gas stove, add fresh 100% Kona coffee grounds to the coffee press glass jar, add the water, stir it together, wait four minutes, add the filter top, and pour the coffee in my cup and add maybe a teaspoon to a tablespoon of structured water that hasn’t been boiled, in the coffee cup…I add fresh organic whipping cream to that…and my oh my…it’s liquid pure silk.  It’s amazing.

*put structured water in Kona’s bowl, of course!

*Kona helps himself to the automatically frequently changed water in the toilet bowl, too

*put out a cup of structured water in my bedroom before going to bed…if I had a nightstand I’d put it on the nightstand…

*put a bowl of structured water out on the front porch near the bird feeders for the birds to drink…they seem to really love it and actually come to the bowl and drink out of it frequently…I don’t remember birds ever drinking out of a bowl on my porch before…usually I’d keep it there for stray cats & dogs to help themselves, because it gets so very dry here…dogs and cats are finding it now too…

*watered my falling-over-dead-almost apricot tree, first thing this early spring, to see if structured water will save my tree from its seemingly any-time-now demise…let the water just run and run out of the sprinkler for hours at a time, several days in a row

*kept watering various places in the yard, just because it seemed to make the birds happy with the sprinkler going

*of course everything in the house that I use for water gets structured water:  washing dishes, washing clothes, brushing teeth, washing hands, toilet, bathtub, everything

*take it to my office where I am a mediator…I’ve noticed that for the most part my meetings are much more low key, and people are more relaxed when they come into the office…I keep two portable units there, and bring filled & lidded glass bottles from home to the office for my use and for meeting participants’ use

*washed my car’s interior & windows with structured water

*structured water with some white vinegar and a cotton cloth — perfect natural window cleaner

*Kona bath with structured water and homemade all-natural doggie soap mixed up with grated Zum dog soap and my water, melted in a pot on the stove, cooled, bottled…Kona smells SO good…still…several weeks after his bath…

*energy drink replacement!  When I’m feeling like my energy is running low or I’m getting sleepy and want to keep going, I don’t a) run for the chocolate or b) run for the Coca-Cola or c) coffee…I get a glass of my own fresh tap water, drink it, and pretty much instantly I’m feeling grounded and awake and full of energy and ready to go again…no need for the sugar high and the sugar crash!

*I tried the radiator overflow tank idea…a couple of weeks ago I put a cup of structured water in my car radio overflow tank, just to see what would happen…last week I had the car at the repair shop getting dents removed…now I’ve got my car back and I’ll put more structured water in the radiator…I heard on one of Clayton’s calls to put a cup a week into your car radiator overflow tank…improves performance, may increase gas mileage at least for a while…who knows what the other benefits might be?  I’m thinking one thing it will do will “attune” my car “to me” to an even greater degree…my car is already very well attuned to my energy field, but this will increase that

*I haven’t done it yet, but I will…use structured water in a mister in the same way I would use smudging with sage…if I’m ever in a place where smudging by burning sage leaves in a shell bowl would not be permitted due to smoke detectors, I’ll use my structured water mister, for sure

*I took my portable DE (Dynamically Enhanced) unit with me to a restaurant to give my friend a taste test, and the server & shift supervisor both got curious…they got to taste structured water too!  They had lots of questions and we had a nice time chatting about structured water

*Effect, for me, now that I’ve had my structured unit for 3 months:  my life seems to be really lining up, consciously, to support me.  It’s hard to say how this is true or how I know it to be true, or give examples, but it is true.

*I can’t IMAGINE life without my structured water!  Don’t even want to go there.

*I will be doing some traveling this summer.  I have a whole house unit on my house; I have a set of DE and Original portable units for my house and my office — at the office for use, and for demonstration, and the same here at home, so that I have a unit to take with me to restaurants with friends and for my own use.  I will be buying at the least a mini shower unit for traveling this summer.  I can’t imagine *not* bathing in structured water daily.  It just feels good, and my body wants it.  Thanks me for it every time I take it in, in any way.

*soak my produce in structured water when I bring it home from the grocery store

*once I get my garden going this year I’ll water it with structured water

*”keep the water moving” — the water, and our bodies, are most powerful when they are moving — so, how do you keep the water moving in your space?  I’m watching a robin outside right now standing right at the sprinkler that’s on in the yard…  A humidifier running would keep water moving…  A fountain with water moving would do it…  Doing dishes, doing laundry, taking a shower, using the water frequently throughout the day, all are ways to “keep the water moving”…  Bottling the structured water or storing it in some way kind of defeats the purpose…

*yes, my neighbors are friendlier!  This is something Clayton mentioned a time or two, that once you start using structured water, your neighbors will be friendlier.  As a mediator, this idea was fascinating to me.  Are my neighbors actually friendlier now?  Yes, I think so!  Where I live, I moved here 10 years ago from out of state, not knowing a soul, and I’m not one for socializing, and still really don’t know my neighbors and they don’t know me — I’m just that lady who walks a dog in my small town — and yes, since I’ve had the whole house unit, people have been waving as they drive by, they’ll stop and ask me about my dog, if kids are out playing they’ll stop to play with my dog…life is good!

*I stopped buying plastic water bottles in 24-packs at the store.  NO MORE PLASTIC BOTTLES ARE GOING IN THE RECYCLING!  For me, that’s huge.

*Also, right before discovering structured water units, I cleared all store-bought body products — body scrub for the shower, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, laundry detergent — cleared all of that out of my space and out of my cupboards and threw them all in a big box and put them in the garage, and one by one, gradually started making my own products out of things like baking soda, arrowroot powder, white vinegar, beeswax, raw local honey, shea butter,  coconut oil, essential oils, Dr. Bronner’s castile soap, Zum bar soap…and the finishing touch was adding structured water to the mix.  I can feel a difference in the quality of life energy in my home (sounds odd to say, but true)…  It was like suddenly, right there around Christmas, I didn’t want anything artificial, anything “dead”, in my house, or around me, or in my body or on my body.  Anything with an artificial chemical in it, OUT!!!!  Out you go.  And literally, anything dead, even like a six-outlet extension cord that had gotten electrically zapped a few years prior, and I’d never removed it from under my desk because it was so hard to get to because of how my home office was set up…it took a whole day, but man, it had to leave.  I rearranged my entire office just to get that thing out, because it was DEAD.  And I know I consciously invited “all things good for life” into my living space…and within a few days’ time “discovered” Natural Action Technologies and Clayton and the whole concept of structured water.  It is amazing how consciousness works.

*I am now more conscious about the packaging that comes with stuff. Used to be, yeah, just throw it in the recycling…end of story…but now, I’m collecting my *own* recycling and recycling it back through, myself.  I’m storing my recycled cans and bottles and boxes on a shelf, looking at them:  how can I reuse this myself and not throw it away or expect someone else to “recycle” it?  I’m also thinking more about the energy I take in, in terms of water…and everything else…and also what comes out of me, in terms of water…packaging…trash…what goes out energetically from my home…sewage…how I am energetically affecting my environment…

*I never have been a big one for plastics or synthetics and always preferred real leather shoes, for example, to anything man-made or synthetic.  “Real” stuff breathes, and I could always tell the difference.  I’m getting even more passionate about that now, if that’s even possible!  To be in my space, it has to be alive and living.





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